Bluetooth cooker application timer

Just got my new cooker, works great, but one thing is annoying - once my phone goes sleep, after that opening the anova app it reconnects to the cooker, showing correct temperature, but the timer in application is 00:00, showing “your food is ready” even if I set timer for 24 hours and only 3 minutes passed. That is very annoying, no way to check how much time is left to finish cooking.

You should be able to look on the cooker itself. The display will scroll between the current temperature and the remaining time.

How do I scroll the display on cooker? The display is touch-enabled?

But again, the application should be synchronized with the appliance, you don’t think so?

The display will do it itself. It’s not actually a scroll. It will flash between the two.

I’ve not had that experience with my phone. My phone remains in contact when it sleeps. My Android tablet, however, kept dropping the connection every time it slept, so I stopped using it.

One solution, I suppose is to not use the in app timer but use a stand alone cooking timer. I use a Timestick Trio because I usually have more than one thing on the go at a time, but any kitchen timer will suffice.

Your appliance is Bluetooth or WiFi? Mine is bluetooth and each time phone sleep it loses connection. Moreover, once I move out of reach of bluetooth it loses connection (because of protocol implementation 10m reach). The thing is the app is not synchronizing with the appliance upon reconnection.

It was an ex-Wifi that was only running on BT.

You really shouldn’t need to worry about the BT connection once you’ve used the app to set time and temp. The temperature and time show on the APC display.

Set the temperature manually. Don’t bother with setting the timer and use you phone’s timer.

I’ve seen that before - that’s a really old bug. Me, I haven’t used the timer in the app in a long time - most of the time I’m doing longer cooks, so I use the calendar in my phone and have it alert me when it’s done. :slight_smile:

I like having that in my calendar - has the added use of making sure I don’t make dinner plans that night and mess up enjoying what I’m cooking at the optimum time. (heh…I’ve left stuff an extra day at times - meat typically only becomes more tender) :slight_smile:

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Excellent idea!

This happened to me, as well. Now I ignore the phone completely and make any adjustments on the machine itself.

I do. At least for anything that is used for browning. Carbon steel wok, antique cast iron skillet and carbon steal skillet. I usually don’t wash them at all and only wipe them out because food doesn’t stick. In fact, I’ve usually got the carbon steel skillet with leftover fat from previous use, ready for the next use.

If I could get away with it for the stainless steel pots I’d do it too. Anything that I don’t have to wash is a good thing.

This sounds like a bug. Flagging the product team on this!

I just began using my unit, and I have the same thing happening. The app timer prematurely goes to zero and says “your food is ready” . So far this has happened 100% of the time. The cooker is working fine, and the timer on the device is showing the correct time remaining. I think I will just have to ignore the timer function on the app, unless somebody has a solution for this issue.

Not to offend anyones response here but I hear a lot of excuses and substitutions for the perceived expectations of the Anova. I mean I love my old manual crock pot that gives me the choice of hi-temp, low temp keep warm and off. If that is your expectation then it works fine. I personally think blue tooth is a waste because you’re there anyway. After many emails to the company I still have yet to resolve my wi-fi issues.

Same problem with disconnection happens on my wifi!