Bone-in vs boneless pork chops

As I’m still new to sous vide cooking, wanted to ask. As a general rule, should my approach change when a pork chop is bone-in vs boneless.

Is there a difference in terms of how to cook using my Anova?

Welcome, and get ready to learn an entirely new way to think about your cooking.

Last question first, - yes, there’s significant differences in cooking techniques between conventional cooking and SV cooking. You should start by forgetting just about all you know about conventional cooking except the elements of food safety which never vary.

And no, there isn’t any significant difference in approach between SV cooking bone-in and boneless pork chops. - Well, maybe one, sometimes the sharp edge of a bone can poke a hole in your bag. If you feel a rough bone pad it with a few layers of cling film before packaging and sealing.

Remember thickness is always critical to cooking time and cooking temperature is always doneness dependant and that should always be based on your personal preference.

Right now you’re probably thinking, i’ve got some learning to do, and you’re right. All the basics are covered in Douglas Baldwin’s classic work at the following link:

You can enhance your SV cooking knowledge at Chef Lopez-Alt’s excellent site, Serious Eats, here:

Do the work, and enjoy.

Stay safe and keep well too.

Thank you. Very timely and useful reply. I LOVE Kenji and Serious Eats so great to see you reference him.
Pork chops and apple sauce for din din tonight!!!