Boneless beef ribs

Geez, I’m really loving these things. Not sure what cut these really are, or if they are even “near” the ribs in a cow ? Maybe some of the people with butcher experience can help me out ? Anyway, its a dark red meat with TONS of fantastic marbling, and it is not one of the more expensive cuts at the grocery market :slight_smile: I’m getting them for $5.98 a lb. Great flavor too ! So I’ve been doing these @150F for 16 hrs. But would be will to experiment. They are great when allowed to totally chill in the fridge, then thrown back on the BBQ and slathered in your favorite sauce. But for a couple days I even just threw one in a qt ziploc, took it to work with me, and ate it cold with no searing. Still pretty darn good when your hungry, and have been driving for 8 or 12 hrs :slight_smile:

Do you guys eat these ?

Hey Chris, , that’s also called “Finger Meat” because of its long thin shape.

It’s the trim meat cut from between the standing rib roast bones left after separating them from the roast. It’s rich in fat and connective tissue that gives it that distinctively rich flavour. And yes, they do require a low and slow cook for the best result.

For your on-the-road enjoyment you can pre-sear them before the SV cook and leave them sealed after cooking. Just be sure to carry lots of finger wipes with you.

Another tasty cut from the same neighbourhood is the deckle meat. You might consider it to be, “Picana-Plus”. That’s the meat with the fat cap on top of the rib roast. It’s removed to result in a “Chef-Style” rib roast or to cut rib eye steaks. It’s hard to find because it’s so flavourful that butchers often save it for themselves, - or their bosses.

The finger meat can also be ground and blended 50/50 with ground chuck resulting in some of the best tasting beef patties i’ve enjoyed.

Happy cooking, and keep well.

Costco used to sell the rib caps, which were insanely rich and good (though roughly the same price as the ribeyes, themselves). Sadly, they stopped a few years ago.

Note that the deckle can also refer to the cap on the brisket - another fantastic cut - so you need to check which you’re getting if you’re buying “deckle”.

You’re right Josh, better to look for rib cap meat. The names of cuts of meat significantly vary regionally.

If you want what is possibly the best-ever steak use the cap meat. It’s my favourite SV steak to grill finish and delight my guests.

Here’s how to make it. Using a whole cap trim the top fat from the meat. Using a very sharp and long bladed knife cut the cap in half horizontally from end to end almost completely so you can open it like a book, yet it is still in one piece. Next, season with salt, pepper and garlic powder then tightly roll lengthwise into a cylinder. Securely tie with butcher’s twine about 1 1/2-inches apart. Portion into steaks by slicing across the cylinder between the strings.

Vacuum package and SV cook the steaks at the desired degree of doneness. Sear on the grill, serve, and listen for the murmurs of happiness.


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Thanks guys. Yea, so the only strange thing, is that everytime I go into the WinCo meat dept, I seem to find only 1 package of boneless ribs floating around ? …so I buy it. But it would be nice to see 10 packs or which I could choose 2 or 3 :slight_smile: lol Going to start another pack today. 12 or 16 hrs at 150F

Chris, ask someone in the meat department if they have more. Those packages come in 50-lb. boxes making it likely they have more.

Also ask what day they receive that meat and time your shopping accordingly.

TY. Yes, I should do that. But to be quite honest, as much as I like these, I kind of feel like they are best seared on the BBQ’er with BBQ sauce… vs. seared in butter on my stove, as a breakfast steak.

And, they actually had my Petite Sirloins on sale for $4.49 a lb the last time I shopped :slight_smile: I bought 4 packs. Not near the deal as the $2.98 I was getting a year and a half ago, but the best I’ve seen since then. I mentioned this to the butcher, and he actually seemed to think we will eventually see $2.98 again in the near future ? Hmmm. Call me skeptical, but I’ll believe it when I see it.

Hey Chris, maybe your butcher hasn’t checked the price of corn or the dry weather conditions lately. If you see the old price again it will be on beef from Argentina.