Top of the rib?

I have a 2-3 pound top of the rib. Any suggestions for how long to let it cool?

Which rib? Do you mean the ribeye cap or anther rib section? If it’s the ribeye cap, treat it as you would a steak. It’s going to depend on thickness, not weight. If It’s anther section, let us know.

It’s not the ribeye. It’s a cut sometimes called deckel (within kosher circles). Thickness is kind of medium - maybe 1-1.5 inches

Are you referring to the brisket? That’s the only piece of near i know of that has a part referred to as the deckle.

I think it is a cut closer to the shoulder

Aaron, the meat removed that results in a rib-eye, is called deckel or rib-cap meat in the industry, It’s prized for its flavour and scarcity, - the cut butchers often take home for themselves where i live so its never seen in retail markets.

In a steer or heifer it’s a tender cut that cooks in 2 to 4 hours. Sear fat side down first after drying well to enjoy its distinctive prime rib flavour.

After you buy meat weight doesn’t matter for SV cooking, just thickness. 1.5-inches is the usual thickness. A lot of it is fat, likely the reason it’s hard to sell.