Cooking large cut of bone in ribeye

Newbie - 1st cook - cooking (whole) 3lb bone in ribeye - do I preheat the water bath? Gonna try 129 degrees- how long to cook for med- rare ? Thx!!

I typically wait until the water bath has reached the target temperature before dropping the food. Some people may do differently. How thick are the ribeyes? Sounds like they are pretty large…maybe 2-3 hours, depending on how thick they are.

Are you talking steak cut or roasting cut? The more information you provide us with the more likely we’ll be able to help you. Thickness is vital information as it will govern the time hat takes to penetrate your meat

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Oh, right. I was thinking of a steak cut. @Ember raises a good point.

I just cooked a 800gr tomahawk steak with bone, i cut it to lenght first to fit my seled bags, then cooked in a polycarbonate box i cut the profile of the anova in the lid to avoid using any clamp or anything. It just hangs on the top. Plenty of space to cook it there. I gave it 4 hours but was frozen, if you dont like the meat to release juices but still be pink, add one hour.

Meat cooking time 3:30
Add 30 min because frozen
Add 1 hr if no messy juices when cutting

Mine was fine, i presliced (not all way through) on a chopping board, waited 30 seconds so most of the fluid are gone and wont mess with the plate, then transport onto a heated place where you will serve it.

Also strongly suggest the use of a proper searing tool. I have a propane torch with a worthington tip to sear anything. Best 40$ ever spent

Hey HJ, what was the result of cooking your rib-eye?

Sharing it’s thickness, time, and temperature details will assist your Community in the future.

Thank you.