10.5 lb bone-in rib roast - how long do i put it in the bath? help I'm a newbie!

Happy Holidays!! I have been using my Anova for simple cooking and just love what I’ve been able to accomplish thus far, as does my “meat-loving” house of football-player men!

This Christmas I am going to Sous Vide a 10.7 lb bone-in grass-fed rib roast. I have read recipes that call for as little as 5 hours and as long as 24! Can someone with more experience please lend me some wisdom?

Thank you!

That sounds amazing! I would definitely lean closer to the 5. I would do 8-10 to be safe, depending on thickness. I think 10 @ 131F is a safe bet. With that cut you’re just trying to get the center temp to a nice medium rare and don’t have to worry about a super long cook to break down the proteins any. Good luck! Make sure and post pics.

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