Massive Bone in Prime Rib

Hi everyone!
I have a 20lb standing rib roast I’m dying to cook for superbowl sunday.
It is bone in. everyone loves it medium rare. how long should it be in the sous vide?

Medium rare will do well around 130F.

To give you an idea of time we need to know the size. Cooking sous vide, in fact cooking by any method, relies on heat penetration. To gauge this relies on the dimensions of the meat, specifically thickness. With that information in hand we can better advise how long your roast will take.

Hi Ember!
The roast is 20lb
20 inches long
6 inches high (from bottom of rib bone to the fat cap)
8 inches wide

Ok. 6 inches is the thickness we’d use. Do you really need it to be bone in? It will cook mych better without the heat shield that is the bone.

Anyway, at 6 inches thick it will take about 10 - 12 hours.

Are you sure it will fit in your cooker? I suspect, unless you have a professional setup I’m not aware of, you are exceeding the capacity of your cooker. And that cut of beef is so great cooked by reverse sear in an ordinary oven. I’m sorry if I’m throwing a wet blanket on your plan.

The capacity quoted for the cookers are really nothing more than a guide. Warming the water is when the biggest workload is put on the machine. So, with pre-warmed water and an insulated cooking vessel there is no reason why you could cook this lump of beef with the Anova. I would really recommend boning it though.