Ribeye on bone/Cote de Boeuf

Hi all

I am a little bit in doubt.

I have bought a full ribeye/cote de boeuf on the bone, it weights appm. 6 pounds, and is about 6,2 inches “wide”

For how long should i cook it, i am aiming for a core temperature of 55c/131f.

Any suggestions?

Firstly, I’d suggest removing the bones. While they add to the presentation side, they really only act as a heat shield on one side of your beef, slowing heat penetration. The bones can be cooked separately if you want them for presentation.

At 6.5 inches thick the rule of thumb say about 6.5 hours to get heat through the meat. However, this isn’t very accurate as actual heat penetration gradient isn’t linear. Probably closer to 10 hours to get heat though the meat with the bone removed. There is a penetration table at the back of Baldwin which is probably worth printing out and keeping handy.


Hi Ember

Thanks a lot for your fast reply.

I was under the impresion, that keeping the bones on could give something to the flavour…

Could it be an idea to divide the meat into to equal pieces of appm. 3 (80mm) inches each? - and if i read the table correctly then it should cook for 4 fold of this “40 mm 2½ hr”, in others words 10 hours as you also state.

Thanks in advance for your time.

I think the idea of cooking on bone imparting any extra flavour is yet another old cook/chef’s tale. It’s really a visual expectation. It’s an untruth that gets constantly re-enforced. It could be easily disproved by a double blind taste test.

Breaking it down into smaller pieces is always a good idea. It gets very hard to handle a big piece of meat, particularly when searing.

Jens, for clarity please explain what is “wide”.

Heat will diffuse throughout your Cote de Boeuf according to its thickness, always the smallest dimension. Weight does not matter. Cook the meat without the bones attached, but in a separate package at same time and temperature. Bones can cook longer so they can start first then package your meat and proceed to cook.

Rib bones are solid and nearly inert, thus little to no flavour contribution, but they do suck up a lot of heat energy. Keep them separate. The “finger meat” between the bones has a lot of flavour-rich connective tissue which many cooks mistakenly attribute to the bones.

10 hours will be plenty long.

Please advise on your result, - and thank you.
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instead of uisng water bath, how to Cook cote de boeuf using Anova Precision Oven, especially the temperature require

Same temperature and time is the advice from Anova and what I do. Some claim that you need longer time but that’s not what I have found. Really long cooking time you can do in a bag to avoid drying out the surface, also bag it if you’re afraid of oxidation.

Thanks for reply, but with the and in the oven, I am afraid the plastic bad will melt

Why? If you use ordinary sous vide bags and the same temperature in the oven as in the water bath there’s no reason they would melt.

Thanks for reply, any experience on Cote de boeuf with APC using sous vide? I am trying tomorrow and still trying to find the most easy method especially
Temperature and timing