Bread in a Pullman Loaf Pan to Steam or not to Steam

Ok So since a Pullman loaf pan is basically enclosed Would it be useless to use Steam?

Hi Mike, steam enhances oven spring and top crust formation if you are using a topless Pullman loaf pan.

If you are following a recipe, i always recommend following the recipe all the way.

If you are experimenting, do as you please. It’s best to keep a record of every change you make and its outcome.

Thanks for your input. Yes I know what steam does. Wanted a Pulman loaf or I would have used a loaf pan or no pan. I will use steam and keep the cover off during proof. Probably no steam during bake with cover on.

Thinking back on my question now I guess if I want a Pullman loaf I would not really want the spring or the hard top crust. Since it is trapped against the top cover Spring is a mute point along with a crusty top.