What is the recommended best practice for brining with sous vide cooking?
salt meat and let rest prior to bath?
salt water brine before bath?
salt water brine during bath?

and maybe it is not even necessary?

@SousFool‌ Brining is not necessary, but if you are cooking a recipe that includes brining, it will typically be done prior to placing your protein into the water bath unless otherwise indicated. I recently did a sugar water brine and put the meat in for about 45 minutes before putting it in the bag, which went very well. Please let me know if this helps!

Great, thank you.

I believe that Dave Arnold said in an episode of Cooking Issues that he cooked his chicken in a bag filled with brine.

I’ve tried both brining before and brining during. For me, I like brining before. I did two chicken breasts in a salt (no sugar) brine each time. Both were vacuum sealed. The chicken cooked in the brine was too salty for my taste, though others may feel differently…your mileage may vary.

great answer,thanks