Has anyone made Chef Steps Brisket?


I’ve just started the brine on a 13lb Brisket, using the Chef Steps recipe. Has anyone done this one?

My main area of question concerns timing a meal with this. Given that the brisket is going to sous vide for 24h, would longer be bad or good? Or after 24h, should I ice bath it and fridge it until ready to bake? I realize that the bake steps would require more time to bring it back to temp and develop bark.

Or should I leave this in the brine (longer than 48h) until I am ready to sous vide and bake?

I see a lot of comments on their site about this rub being too salty. Any thoughts here? I am using Robusto smoked salt from SaltWorks.


Hey! I looked into the recipe a little, and all though I haven’t made that exact recipe, I personally would try to time it so that the precision cooker portion ends about 6 hours before you serve your meal, because then you can do the oven portion, and then throw it back in a bag, and keep it warm in the sous vide while you finish making the other parts of the meal, and your oven can be open.

Then that way you don’t have to hassle with reheating it from being fridge temp.

It sounds like tricky timing though, I will let you know if I find anything else that might help you!

But why would I bake for a nice crust, then put it back in water? It’ll lose that dry char I’d imagine.

Since this is indeed for Thanksgiving, I could leave the brisket in water until ready to bake, then do the turkey first, then brisket. Turkey retains heat I think…

What about taking the brisket out of water at 24h, then leaving it sealed at room temp (70-F) till bake time? It wouldn’t have to bake from fridge temp… Can you overcook a brisket?

Or I do have a Searzall torch…

Fair point, it might make the crust not quite as crispy…

If you left it at room temp it would definitely make the reheating process shorter. I think if it wasn’t out over night and left the bag sealed there isn’t any huge food safety concerns, but that of course is a personal decision.

A brisket can be overcooked, but in the sous vide you can leave it in a little longer if you want to keep it warmer longer. I’m not sure for how long for long cooks like this though.

Torches are also always fun :wink: it seems like you have a lot of good options.

If you get it ready early, just wrap it in unwaxed butcher paper and keep it in a warmer. Your crust should fair better then.