Dry Brisket...several different ways

I’ve tried brisket now several different ways and times in the Sous Vide and Smoking, searing etc.
2 hour smoke. 24 hour Sous Vide @ 170. torch sear
6 hour smoke. 38 hour sous vide @ 155. Broil for char
and a few other ways I can’t recall

It always comes out tasty but fairly dry. Nothing in that juicy traditional type Brisket. Any suggestions or should I just smoke outright and leave the Sous Vide for other things? Suggestions.

On the first one, IMO temp to high for too long. heat drives out moisture.
Second time I “think” you smoked too long. Not sure about SV time, temp is good tho.
Its a balancing act , that’s for sure.
The grade of the brisket is very important here as well. If it’s just a packer cut, it might not even be choice. If you want a really really great brisket you need to get a prime cut. IMO it’s the difference between filet and skirt texture. I hope you are lucky enough to know where to get a prime brisket. That being said, you can do perfectly great with less than prime for sure, remembering that heat will drive out moisture. Kenji Lopez has a great guide on that, he has done all the experimenting for us.