Brisket To hold or not to hold, well kind of

I’m Sous Vide a 14 pound (pre-trimmed weight) packer brisket. 140 degrees 62 hours. Finishing it off with searsall. What’s the best way to hold it for 90 minutes prior to slicing?

I’m guessing you mean hold it at temperature. Why the wait? Do you need to transport it? Or is it just waiting until you’re ready for it?

I’d heat the oven as low as possible, cover the meat in foil and leave it to rest in a warm oven. But you’d be better off leaving it in the bath (the extra time won’t hurt) and only searing it just before serving.

Dear Ember, I just thought of another issue. I’m transporting the brisket to my daughters 15 minute ride. can I leave it in the bag out of the water after the 62 hour cook, for that 60- 90 minute time. And then finish it with my searzall?

Thank you for your help guidance and expertise in advance.

You should be able to wrap it up to keep it warm for that short a time. Insulate it well. Wrap in towels or blankets, even put it in an insulated box. The exterior will be warmed up again as your torch it. Or give it a further swim to make sure it’s back to full temp when you get there.