Big beef brisket

I just cooked my biggest ever piece of meat, 12+ pounds of brisket. Unfortunately, even if I had been able to bag it, it would not have fit in my 24 quart cooler. I had to cut it to half length and use 2 gallon Ziplock freezer bags. I had not used these bags before since they are a little expensive.

I took half out at 48 h 130F/54C but it was not tender enough. I left the other piece in for another 24h, and that did the trick. There is a lot of connective tissue between the strands.

So how did it come out?

Wow! You rarely (pun intended) :wink: see people cooking brisket at such a cool temperature (but, not entirely surprised as how much everyone enjoys having that much colour in their meat!) :slight_smile:

I’m guessing it’s that cool temperature that’s responsible for the meat not being broken down as much as you wanted at the 48 hour mark.

You see a lot more people cooking at 155F to have a more traditional, well done brisket.

Glad it turned out so well!!! :slight_smile:

I am cooking at this temperature extending the idea of cooking short ribs like that. I like a nice braised short rib but have also enjoyed cooking them rare. Here is a short rib I did that came out lovely.

The part that cooked 72 hours held together to slice nicely yet was tender to eat. I will do this again, maybe a smaller piece.


You may find this article of interest:

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