Long cook time for brisket

Does anybody see an issue with doing a 48 to 54 hour cook for a brisket @155?


Nope. No problem at all.

If you like brisket this is the best way to cook it. Try corned beef as well. It will be the best you have ever had.

I cooked it at 60°C for 72h

Cooking for 48 hours @ 155 degrees is spot on. Prior to Sous Vide, I smoke a brisket, using pecan chips, on a Green Egg (250 degrees) for 3.5 hours (seasoned only with sea salt and black pepper.) Splendid results…

Thanks everyone for the replies. Not so worried now :slight_smile:

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I just did a 5.5 lb fresh brisket, at 155 degrees F, for 48 hours. Today I;ll bake it, at 300, for 2-3 hours. It comes out melt in your mouth delicious.
Go to seriouseats.com, for Kenji’s article "a Guide to Sous Vide Brisket.

I have a small 1.5kg rolled up corned brisket about 2" thick 3" wide 3" long. These times of 48hrs I assume are for big pieces meat? I like a bit of texture but tender but not crumbly…should I follow brisket guides even though.its corned?

I do my corned beef for 48 hours. Even small pieces. Size doesn’t really come into play for long cooks as much as the cut of meat does. A hard working muscle needs time for the collagen to be converted to gelatin for that delicious tender, luscious mouthfeel.

Be sure and rinse it for 30 or more minutes in cold water. Straight from the package it is normally too salty for most people’s taste.