Time & Temp for 2lb. 1.5" thick brisket slab

Would I use the same time and temp for a small brisket slab (1.5" thick-2 lbs.) that I would use to cook a 1.5" thick ribeye? Or should brisket be cooked for a lot longer time? The last big 1/2 a brisket I cooked at 135* for 50 hours. I found the texture was different than we are used to, so I think I will cook the next (big) brisket at 155* for 24 hours. I do finish off ribeyes and brisket in the oven, black iron skillet, or smoker. Thanks, RJ 2020-09-05

24-36 hours @ 155°F works well. longer the cook the more tender it will be.

OTBM, let thinking before cooking always be your guide to successful outcomes. You obviously know enough about meat to realize ribeye and brisket have almost no similarities and therefore require significantly different cooking plans. You also learned from that last big brisket what not to repeat with that item.

Moving forward, John’s recommendation is valid for your next brisket cook. As you enjoy it consider and record any small adjustments you might make for even better results next time.

And please let us know how you liked your brisket.

Thanks for the feedback.
#1) Please forgive my ignorance, but what does OTBM mean? I googled it with do luck other than Off The Books Mrs.
#2) Since no one has specifically addressed the brisket being very small, only 1Lb. 9oz. I will have to assume that YES even small pieces of brisket require longer cooking times.
I guess it is obvious, I’m a newbie!
Thanks for taking the time to help. RJ

OTBM is OnTheBayouMan I think

Yes even a smaller brisket needs time for the connective tissue to break down which tenderizes it. I make corned beef briskets which are smaller and they also take just as long.

Awesome. Thanks so much! RJ

OTBM, - John’s got it. It’s you sir to whom i responded.
I economize my key strokes.

The most difficult aspect of learning and mastering the SV technique lies in forgetting your conventional cooking techniques and experiences. Your success depends on your thinking about the process.

To make life easier for you, consider planning your cooks using thickness and the product being cooked as your basic guide. If you require something more simple to start, first think in terms of tough meat vs tender meat and long times vs short times respectively.

Big and small are too imprecise for precision cooking. Let thickness always be critical to your cooking time decision based on the meat being cooked. I lb. 9 oz doesn’t mean much because it could be one of many shapes while its thickness does matter. It’s the distance heat has to penetrate. With the same meat product, flat is quick, round takes longer. Measure, don’t weigh.

Silly me, I may have never figured that out!

This is very good advice and I think I have it now. That is why the Amazing Food Made Easy cooking chart states; for a 1.5" ribeye, heat for 2hrs/20min and Pasteurized at 3hrs/10min @ 137F. Yet for brisket, it only states; cook at 150F for 1 - 2 days, with no mention on thickness. There in lies what was my confusion.

I only mentioned the weight to give an idea on how small the piece of meat was. I did mention the thickness & shape twice (1.5" thick slab).

I am elderly with health problems, so I tend to S.V. everything to Pasteurization. Do you think this is the correct thing to do?

Next up, corn beef brisket!!! Great idea.

Thanks all, RJ
GOD, Guns & Gumbo

RJ, cooking to Pasteurization is a useful precaution, particularly if you cook and store for later service.

You will benefit from the science based SV cooking information at the link below. Don’t prejudge by its date. It’s as contemporary as when it was written. Real science is unchanging. Doug Baldwin’s tables allow you to cook and Pasteurize with precision. His food safety details will be a bonus for you.



Stay safe and keep well.

Great website, wow so much info. Now lets hope this old dog can learn new tricks!!!

Yes I agree, science is unchanging. History USED to be like that too.

Ahhh yes, Let’s let the good times roll!

Thanks, RJ
GOD, Guns & Gumbo

RJ, glad you like Baldwin as much as many here in your Community do.

Your challenge will be to forget most of your conventional cooking tricks when using SV. You appear to be doing quite well so far.

Enjoy your successes.

I’ve used Kenji’s recipe for brisket & everyone who’s had it has loved it. I’m hoping this link will bring you right to it… I’ve had great luck with all of his recipes…
Good luck

So far, this is the best brisket recipe I have found: https://youtu.be/ZlwFxgOa9Ww

I would stress to read the notes and adapt your recipe for saltiness etc.

I have made several changes, and to date, everyone has loved it.

Good luck!