Build quality needs improving

I have used the Precision a few times now and find it easy to use. Overall, it is a very good device.

A few things surprised me, little details that should not have been overlooked or neglected:

  • Metal sleeve: Only the top outside edge is deburred, making all edges sharp and jagged. If you have taken the trouble of grinding the outer top edge, what would it cost to do the same to all the others, including the holes for the bottom cap lugs?
  • There should be some guides to allow the sleeve to go back on the main body without having to jiggle it and catching the impeller on the sleeve
  • There is what appears to be a themocouple or sensor tied with a hose clamp to one of the vertical arms of the heating coil which strains the sensor. It would have been better to bend the sensor or change the geometry of its installation to avoid that strain.
  • There are four exposed stainless screws in the clamp. It would have been so easy to just cover them. There are already covers for holes in the clamp elsewhere.

These are very small flaws which may cost the device reliability over time. After using it for just three times, there are already small scratches/grooves developing on the area where the sleeve contacts the main body. There are also tiny plastic shavings coming off the end cap from the sharp edges. Taking that tiny bit of extra effort would have also given a much better feel to its build quality.

On the UI front, to get to the timer, pressing the start button for 8 seconds means that the device first changes temperature unit before getting to the timer. So, once the timer is set, there is a need to go back and change the temperature unit again.

The timer/temp thing is annoying. Though the app allow you to avoid that surely.

Agreed on the timer/temp thing. UX recommendations for Anova:

  1. Why make the temp change the “easier” (less time) of the two? I expect people will rarely change the temp display.
  2. Only make the change when you pick up your finger. If the finger was held for > 8 seconds it was a timer command. If > 3 and < 8 then temp change. You might have to have a beep at the 3 second mark, though, which could be a bit confusing.
  3. Why even bother with enabling the timer that way? Leave the timer LED on until it’s touched, which can activate it.

As for build quality, the only thing that’s bothered me so far is putting the metal sleeve on and off. Also it seems that there is something wrong with the divets in the final resting place (after you twist it). Even after the first time I took it off I noticed that they were overly worn.

I vote #3. Though they claim its not enabled because time is not as important as temp. But really the issue is that the code doesn’t see a long 8s press has no need to flip the temp readout at 3s.

Yeah. But having the light there wouldn’t necessarily mean the timer was active – just “available”. You’d need to touch it to set it, which could then activate it.

I think that the temp start/change glitch is the biggest UI problem with the product. I use my Timex instead!

Yeah. But having the light there wouldn't necessarily mean the timer was active -- just "available". You'd need to touch it to set it, which could then activate it.

Agreed. Not sure why they chose this method.

Another thing I noticed about the timer is that once set, every time you touch the clock icon say to change the duration, it starts from zero and forgets the remaining time.