Precision Pro

Noticed that when I set the timer the past couple of times. It automatically increases on its own. I’ve stood in front of it and seen it increment by one minute at a time. So I have to set a separate timer to keep track of the time now.

Or you could contact customer support, if it’s under warranty they will replace it.

One minute over a whole cook, or continual creeping time? (in 1 minute, occasional increments)
If one minute only, & it stays as such not really a food ruining flaw, but yes, i’d prefer to see it addressed or at least see if a re-boot under anova guidance could fix it.

(If only fixing our faulty from new tesla 3 was as easy) :nauseated_face:

It’s continuous

Out of warranty?

Not sure when over 6 months since I’ve had it. Gonna send in proof today.

cool, bottom of the page for contacts, or simply peruse my last handful of posts which one has a copy / paste of cs inc phone & email links.

Odd fault, would be interested to hear what anova say went wrong.

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Try resetting your unit or updating firmware.