Cannot perform Factory Reset

I have troubles with applying the factory reset to my Anova Oven.

Here is what’s I’m doing:

  1. Turn off the oven from the electricity for a couple of minutes and then turn on it again
  2. Press and hold the WiFi button until four digits are displayed (usually used for WiFi connection)
  3. While continue pressing the WiFi button, press and hold the Play button until all display signs are lighted
  4. When all the display signs are lighted, release both the WiFi and Play buttons
  5. After releasing both the WiFi and Play buttons, all the display signs have been turned off
  6. A couple of seconds after all the display signs have been turned off, the regular Oven Temperature, Probe Temperature, Cook Time, and Steam % signs have been lighted, but the oven has not been rebooted!
  7. After connection the oven to the App, the latest v2.1.3 is shown as the current/latest firmware version of the Oven (App has v1.1.4(13008)). So the above procedure did not change the firmware version and the Factory Reset has not been performed!

So, what’s wrong with the procedure I did? What’s the correct procedure for the Anova Oven Factory Reset?