Capacity question for 25, 6oz filets

Hi everyone. I am releatively new to my APC. We have had great success for the two of us, however we will be cooking 25 filets for a dinner later this month and I am having a hard time finding any information on whether the APC can maintain temperature when there is that much meat in a vesssel. I see tht there is a 5 gallon capacity which shouldnt be a problem. We would pre-heat the water, the vessel would be a large cambro and we would hang the steaks from rods so that they are not sitting on top of each other. Does anyone have any advice on whether this is a mistake. Should we buy an extra APC and split the mean in two different cambros? We are cooking for michelin star chefs and really do not want to screw this up! Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for everyones time!

It sounds OK to me. As long as the water can circulate around all the steaks you should be good to go. I would probably allow an extra 30 to 60 minutes beyond the planned cook time to be sure that the steaks are up to temp. Check a couple after the cook with a good instant read thermometer just to be sure.

Erik, the operational capacity of the Cambro vessel will be your first challenge. It can’t be filled to the top. Be sure you have ample circulation around those steaks. Maintaining temperature, once attained, shouldn’t be a problem for your Anova, but you are right at its limit. A pot of boiling water as a booster might help when starting to cook the fillets.

Greater challenges could be in finishing the steaks, your plating technique, and presentation. Do at least one practice cook and be critical of yourself.