Careful with oven cleaner.

Although the cleaning instructions mentioned cleaning the outside of the door with a mild detergent, it made no mention about the inside. After using easy off on the interior, I was quick to notice that it had ruined (ate through) the black electroplated finish. I’m not sure if it can be corrected, but its such an eyesore now.

edit: I went back and just realized it is actually plastic!

Perhaps for v2.0 we can have the inside of the door be stainless steel?

Did the easy off work alright in the rest of the oven? I cooked meat loaf and it sure made the side walls look terrible

Yes – I’m about to try a fume-free ‘Easy Off’ in the interior.

Did it work? Is it something avoid?

I know Anova says to steam the oven for a few minutes at low temp to heat up the walls – and help the oven cleaner work with the warm interior – but they made no mention of avoiding anything (i.e., the inside door) – so this is an issue I’m especially curious about!

I think so.