How can i clean the precision oven ?

hi, some suggest for cleaning the oven ? (im in Switzerland)

Do a search here on the forum, this has been discussed before. That said, from memory (always a dangerous thing!) here’s what I do:

  • For light soil, I run my oven at 120F/100% for 10-15 minutes and then wipe it down with a damp cloth.
  • For heavy soil, 120F/100% for 10-15 minutes, followed by an oven cleaner following the instructions on the can.

thx, i have search in the forum but i not have found a good esplication or information.

Hey Mr. Ed, you’ve got a bit of a journey to find that information.

Here goes:
First select Support above which connects you to the Anova Culinary (US) page.
Then select Anova Precision Oven
Next select Frequently Asked Questions
Then finally select Cleaning Your Anova Precision Oven.
There you are. There’s even a link to a video on the subject there.

And there’s one more item that the Anova folks neglected to mention:

  • to preserve the appearance of your oven’s stainless steel always wipe it in the same direction as the grain on the surface of the metal to prevent scratching it.

If finger prints and the spots water drops leave on your oven bothers you put a few drops of the final rinse additive from your dishwasher on a clean damp cotton kitchen towel and wipe them away in the direction of the metal’s surface grain. Swirl marks are not pretty.

No dishwasher, - no problem. That clean damp towel alone will do the job almost as well. It just won’t leave a light protective film on the surface that resists those pesky fingerprints.

Happy cooking.