Time to deep clean your APO? Step-by-step video here!

Here’s our regimen for deep cleaning:

  1. Heat the oven to 140°F/60°C / 100% Steam.

  2. Turn off the oven. Oven cleaners work a little better on warm surfaces.

  3. Spray in your favorite oven cleaner, close the door, and let it work for the time recommended on the bottle (we used EasyOff for this video and let it sit overnight).

  4. Spritz the oven walls with plain water to knock down the oven cleaner. It’s OK if some spray goes through the grates on the back wall.

  5. Wipe clean.

  6. Run the oven at 300°F/149°C / 100% Steam for 10 minutes to drive off any residual fumes. During that stage, open the door and spritz down the oven walls a few more times to make sure all cleaning residue is gone.

  7. Voila, back to new!


Is there any issue with the spray entering the fan housing on the back?

Would it be possible to specify temperatures in both degrees Fahrenheit and Celsius when posting information like this please?

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YES! That is a fantastic point. I’ll go back and edit!

Thanks for this - very useful

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