Cleaned my Oven with the Pink Stuff paste and a Scrub Daddy

Thought I would post this with pics as I was quite pleased with the result. Heated oven at 100c 100%steam for 20mins, used a scrub Daddy non scratch pad with the pink stuff paste on direct to oven surface scrubbed then wiped off. had to go over some areas a couple of times to shift the heavy stuff. Knocked down the pink stuff paste off oven walls with warm water in a spray bottle then finished with another steam session and wiped oven out. Was ok on the glass did not scratch. Rinse and repeat until happy with result .


Pink Stuff, hey? Never heard of it. I did just order some of Dirty Mommy and the cream, they bundle together. Will get it tomorrow.

Thanks for the steam, time and temp tip. Steam never even crossed my mind, I’ll bet that was a great assist.

The Pink Stuff Paste miracle cleaner sold on Amazon made by Stardrops available in OZ, UK and USA

Thanks for the Pink Stuff link.

However, the steam tip was the game changer. Steam made most of the grunge loosen, the rest came off with the paste from Scrub Mommy/Daddy. Didn’t like the paste. Will get the Pink Stuff. But I’ll bet after the steam, I probably could have used Bon Ami.

Oven looks great, thanks for the tip and link.

Good to hear you have had some success :+1:

Great job! Your detailed process and use of the pink stuff paste seem to have worked wonders on your oven. The use of steam and the non-scratch pad show your careful approach to cleaning without causing any damage.