Cleaning APO

I am generally pretty good with keeping the oven clean. However, I just noticed there are some really stubborn spatter marks on the walls and back.
I just cooked a pork chip using the probe. The meat came out fine and there was little grease in the pan.

After that the only thing I used was the dehydrator function for some parsley.

So I have to assume the pork chop was the problem.

I have tried white vinegar and Bon Ami, Vinegar and Bar Keepers Friend, Sheila Shine, Zep Stainless Steel Cleaner and Polish, and Magic Eraser. Nothing seems to want to move the stains. The perforated grill over the fan simply just tears up the sponges.

I am hoping someoune out there can come up with a home remedy or purchased something that can clean this up.

Can I use a regular oven cleaner? I haven’t had to clean an oven in years because of the self-cleaning feature. Just don’t want to find out oven cleaners will damage the cavity.

I also have some very stubborn stains on the inside of my oven. Not many, but a few. They are on the oven floor. Almost glass-like in their shininess and a caramel brown.

However, for most cleaning I have found that following the ANOVA instructions on cleaning the oven have worked OK. Cleaning your ANOVA precision oven

I typically use the spongy side of a Scrub Mommy and some Barkeeper’s Friend to supplement the Kilrock brush-on gel oven cleaner I got in lieu of EasyOff®.

I find that scrubbing gently works well and reduces the grating effect of the fan grill.

This all seems very similar to your current regimen so perhaps not much help other than to confirm that I also have some impossible to remove stains/coating and would also like to hear from others whether there is a reasonable way to remove tough stains.

OK, I’ll invest in the scrub daddy and mommy. As well as the oven cleaner you recommended.

Loved that you added the register mark next to EasyOff®. I do it because my OCD likes to see things done correctly, even though it is a pain to look up the code!! Yeah, well, OCD not having a clean oven is the same culprit.

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Here is a link to before and after pics from my oven clean.

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I’ll add that the only reason I got the Kilrock cleaner is that I’ve failed to find EasyOff® in the UK. The other UK oven cleaners generally appear abrasive or highly caustic.

@Tony1 thanks for the pics. I’ve avoided using a ScrubDaddy® and the rough side of the ScrubMommy® (I see both are registered trademarks!) as I’m prone to pressing hard and despite the claims they can abrade surfaces. I see from the pictures that you’ve avoided abrasion as your oven is super shiny!

Pink Stuff! I’d wondered about that but figured that a paste of Barkeeper’s Friend was fairly gentle yet effective. Not as effective as Pink Stuff it seems - you’ve eliminated the glassy brown stains that I’m still left with.