Cheapest place to buy chamber vacuum sealer bags (ship to Australia)?

Looking for cheapest source of chamber vacuum sealer bags. I am inSydney Australia, but don’t mind international sources as long as total sum is cheaper. They also need to be BPA and Phtalate free and suitablefirSous Vide cooking.

Where do you get yours and at what price?

Loads and loads of them on

I buy mine from eBay. I’ve only ever had one purchase in 5 years that was not great.

Amber would you have item number or link to product? How cheap are they?

It’s a real challenge to type “vacuum sealer bags” into the search box at, innit?

Mich there is a lot of rubbish on eBay mate. Having a recommendation from someone that has used them under Sous Vide conditions raises the chance of avoiding some of that fake, cheap misrepresented product…

PS: I am after the chamber vac bags, not the pull vac.

Sorry. I didn’t read the chamber. But I thought one of the things about a chamber vac was that you could use any food safe, heat safe tough multi layered plastic.

Indeed, hence my question. Supposedly thy can be had for quite cheap…? Around 5c/10c a bag

I’d still be inclined to look at eBay. There’s no reason why you could not use the low textured multi layered rolls for channel machines.

I get my bags from Weston, the maker of my vacuum sealing machine.
Quality is Great, and the price is right.
Their machine is also top rated.

Butcherathome & Nisbets both have good supplies. I run 4 cookers so always looking for bags
Note that Chambers dont care if the bah is plain or ribbed but the bench vacuums like the ribbed bags better.
Keep bags away from any UV light
If you find a source of the multi layer bags, they are #1 but expensive

Butcherat home is located in Bundaberg and is online

Nisbets is everywhere