Chicken Breast

I’ve been cooking sous vide since late last year and have been happy with results so far. My question refers to chicken breast cooking times. The breasts I’ve cooked to date would be around 25mm thick and I cook these at 62 C for 1/12 - 2 hours and they are perfect. I now have some breasts at least 50mm thick and wonder if I need to double the time. I have read that leaving them in too long turns them to mush.

Chicken is something that should always be cooked to pasteurisation. You can follow the tables in Baldwin’s A practical guide to sous vide cooking. The link will take you straight to the section on poultry.

Thanks for the link a great deal of helpful info.

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Trab, for your personal wellness, particularly concerning poultry which should be consisdered hazardous when cooked at low temperatures, knowledge is important.

In America, under the current Administration FDA and CDC policies restrict public information on E. coli outbreaks.