Chicken legs - 65.5°C/150°F for 2h + sauté 10 min = chicken still pink, is it normal?

Hi there,
yesterday I cooked two chicken legs at 65.5°C/150°F for 2h plus 10 min sauté (5 min each side)…

The meat nearby the bone was still pink with some little blood clots, is that normal?!
In theory, chicken meat should not be eaten pink, isn’t it?!

That’s the photo:
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Hey Almost, - no, it’s not normal, but in today’s high-speed poultry processing factories sometimes the birds don’t completely bleed out leaving the few spots you observed. More often it results from the coloration in the bones of very young birds (fryers) leaking into the flesh around the bone. You will very rarely observe it in older birds.

You don’t share the source of your theory, but it’s incorrect. However, it’s been repeated so often its become part of our folklore like many other food related myths. Let internal temperature be your guide to food that’s safe to consume.

Thanks for your reply,
so, is dangerous to eat like that, right?!

No Almost with undecided punctuation, - however it is potentially dangerous to eat improperly cooked chicken.

The chicken in your photo appears done.
Based on your cooking technique it would be difficult to understand how it could be unsafe to consume.
What was it’s internal temperature?
If you don’t know, it doesn’t indicate much concern for food safety or doneness.
Consistently competent cooking requires awareness of your results.

No idea about the internal temperature…

I’m going to buy a thermometer for the future, do you have any advice which ones I can buy?!

Something like that?!


Almost, way too much. For your first thermometer i think your examples are more than you need.

The British made Thermapen is considered to be the professional culinary standard. Personally, i think they are far too expensive for what most folks need.

Most retailers that sell kitchenware and housewares have inexpensive dependable instant-read digital probe thermometers. A slender one piece hand held instrument is all you require. Look for a thin tip. If you are trying to choose between several, simultaneously pinch the extreme tips of the probes and choose the fastest responding one.

The Ikea “FANTAST” thermometer is an inexpensive versatile combination thermometer and timer. Its long cable allows you to monitor oven or BBQ cooking in progress as well as checking SV endpoint internal temperatures. This is not a recommendation, just an example at a very reasonable price. I have two like it that i use for smoking food and a one-piece digital probe thermometer which is used most often.

I cook thighs at 75°C for 45 minutes and they’re always just right. Try that next time.

The recommendation is that chicken should be cooked to ‘pasteurised.’ If so done so any appearance of pink is not of concern.