CO2 Siphon Bottle for more than soda water?

Studying recipes for SV eggs, I found one of eggs accompanying foamed potatoes, ‘foamed’ in a siphon bottle “double charged” with CO2.

Will someone please recommend such a capable brand / model?

Thank you.

Found one. iSi brand Thermo Whip model stainless steel

Read the Modernist Cuisine websites for expert guidance on whipping siphons. You will need nitrous oxide chargers, too, usually two for each recipe you’re trying to concoct. Have fun.

Hmm, interesting. So CO2 won’t work? Unfortunate, as I have quite an investment in 500 gram CO2 bottles.

Edited to add: After a brief foray into the bowels of the Internet, it appears that the “need for nitrous oxide” is due to an improper analogy to all foods from whipped cream, for which N2O does indeed have advantages.

From the siphon patent description: “ BACKGROUND ART* [0002]

A method for foaming food by first bringing the food under a high pressure to absorb a gas and then lowering the pressure to release the absorbed gas in the form of cells within the food thereby foaming the food is widely used as a means for changing the appearance and/or texture of the food to thereby provide the food with an added value. Various gases are available for practicing such a method, but carbon dioxide gas is most popularly used as a foaming agent. Carbon dioxide gas has a long history of use in human life, being essential for giving a fluffy texture to bread, very familiar as a foaming ingredient of beer, and as fizzy cells in carbonated beverages. Carbon dioxide gas, however, is not necessarily a preferred foaming gas for foaming creams and other neutral food since it is an acidic gas which gives the food an acidic taste and thereby changes the original taste of the food.”

Just about a year ago I was Rx prescribed water, and learned that still water is pretty boring. I have happily used a Sodastream since. Thorough the winter my water intake did decline, but now in the rising heat of summer and vigorous exercise I am drinking more.

Today I will ride 100 Km, my first metric-Century in many years.

Have fun on the bike. Recent excision of Morton neuroma has me slowly ramping my mileage back up to normal…

After decades of buying seltzers and imported sparkling at Costco, I finally binged for a Sodastream. My well water is far more interesting than anything in a bottle.

Nitrous is required for the broader and perhaps less intuitive applications for the iSi unit such as airs, forced marinades, and many warm or hot creations that only the iSi is built well enough to handle.