Creme Brulee Sous Vide Fail (foamy with bubbles after cooked)

Hello. I followed a basic recipe (160 g Egg yolk, 90 g Sugar, 600 g Heavy cream) and yet the composition came out foamy with bubbles as you can see here. One more.

I whisked the composition until it was smooth.
I didn’t heat the cream (it says it’s ok this way too).
I slowly poured the cream into the mixture.
I strained it and allowed to rest about 30 minutes.
I skimmed the bubbles before I put it to sous vide.
I poured it slowly into jars.
Flashed the bubbles from the top of the jar with a blowtorch very quickly.
Closed the jars “fingertip tight” (bubbles came out when dropped it in water to sous vide)
Cooked for 1 hour at 80*.
When I took them out they already looked like in the picture.
Anyways I cooled them at room temperature.
Transfered them to an ice bath and then to refrigerator.

It seems that I did everything as I should and yet you can see the result in the picture. Any ideas what went wrong?

I’ve never seen what you’ve gotten before. Do youhave a vacuum sealer with a canister attachment? If so, you could put the jars in the canister and pull a vacuum on them. From the steps you took, I’m honestly at a loss.

Unfortunately I don’t have a canister vacuum sealer.

the only other suggestion I’ve got is post this on the forum of the website you found the recipe at. There’s a higher likelihood you’ll find folks who are more familiar with the actual recipe. You could also try searching that forum as well. Good luck!

Most of the recipes I’ve seen for things cooked in jars suggest cooling them slowly. Sometimes to the extent of letting them cool in the water if you have time. Not sure that would cause something this drastic though! I make cheesecake in mini mason jars fairly often, not quite as finicky as creme brulee but I haven’t seen this before either. Maybe skip the ice bath?

The ice bath certainly won’t have caused the air bubbles, but it may put your jars at risk.

I know that the scalding of milk and cream isn’t essential with sous vide creme brulee, but it may help to eliminate the bubble problem. I know I read something about it somewhere, but I’m afraid I can’t find it at the moment.