Can you Cook a Crème Brûlée a Day or Two in Advance

Hi gang, thanks in advance for the help. I only have one anova but want to make two different things (main course and dessert) using the souls vide.

Is it possible to make a creme brûlée a day or two in advance and leave in the refrigerator before enjoying it? After making it, I’d use the sous vide right up until we eat cooking ribs.


Anyone have a favorite simple creme brûlée recipe?

Not only is it possible, it’s desirable. After cooking it needs to set, usually overnight works best.

As for recipes, just google “sous vide creme brûlée” and pick one that sounds good. I use the one from Modernist Cuisine

There’s a technique for screwing the lids on the mason jars when you use them sous vide, be sure to check that out.

Good luck

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I used this recipe, which is available in the app as well, but I dropped the temperature to 84C/183F to be more like the other recipes. The temperature just seemed too high. Final product was delicious. I flavoured mine with a bit of vanilla and lime zest.

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Wow! 195F?! @Ember - that’s pretty surprising, as this article:

…states that you need to keep the temp below 185F to prevent the custard from curdling.

(that page is the reference for my own method - 176F for an hour)

CAUTION! Be VERY careful not to tighten the lids on your jars too much!!! They definitely need to be able to “breathe” to let out the excess pressure as they cook, otherwise they can explode / blow the bottom off of the jar!

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Nay sir. I said i dropped it to 183°F because the temperature argued with all the other information that I had read, but the rest of the information was good.

@Ember I think what he means is the temperature in the recipe you posted above says 195°F or 90.6°C.

I wonder if it is a typo. @AlyssaWOAH

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You’re right, the recipe does call for 195F or 90.6C. I have also seen it at lower temperatures, but it seems like this is the temperature Chef Nicole went with. It also appears she went for a short cook time (45 minutes). I think Cole is gonna give this recipe a go right now. :stuck_out_tongue:

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A trick to keep you from over-tightening the jar lids is to use your pointer finger and turn the lid as if you were turning pages of a book. Stop when your finger meets resistance. Yes, it’s that simple. :slight_smile:


Yep! Finger tight is tight enough! @ANDRE1D


I always tighten mine firmly first - then loosen again followed by a very gentle finger tightening.

I read someplace to do it that way, and it has always worked well for me.