Crème brûlée easy and tasty

These last weekend, I tried this recipe (recipe from another sousvide cooker).
That was a great success, 12 portions was ate so quickly, creamy and tasty.
And so easy to make it!

  • 120gr egg yolks (6 eggs)
  • 70gr sugar
  • 500gr cream 35%
  • 10gr vanilla sugar or vanilla aroma

Whisk egg yolks and sugar.
Add cream and whisk again.

Prepare your Anova,

Just before filling pots, with a spoon remove foam on the top of the preparation.

Cook for 1 hour at 80°C / 176°F
Chill in fresh water then stay in fridge for at least 4 hours.

Just before service, sprinkle sugar and with a blowtorch caramelize sugar.
Be careful when you heat to caramelize sugar, if you used a common glass jar it can explode, you should use special jar for sterilized conserve. And avoid to heat directly the glass!


Ahhh…that looks so good! And definitely looks easy to make. Was your temperature set at Celsius or Fahrenheit?

Been planning on trying creme brulee some time soon. Thanks for the reminder prompt.

Looking at other sous vide creme brulee techniques, it’s most likely 80°C. 80 Fahrenheit wouldn’t do much of anything except give you warm liquid egg cream.

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Yes it’s 80°C /176°F

Thanks! :slight_smile:

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Looks delicious. I’m afraid I would eat all of them.

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80C or 176F for 1 Hour.

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I made this tonight, using xylitol in place of sugar, as we’re ketogenic. Fantastic!

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Thanks so much for sharing - I am excited to try. Creme brulee is my second-favorite dessert, tied with mangos and sticky rice. What are those clips on the jar? Is that necessary to ensure no leakage? Or would a traditional mason jar work?

Mason jars are fine. Weck jars are fine. Basically any of the preserving/canning type jars would be fine.

What size Weck Tulip jars did you use for 12 servings?

Thanks for the recipe !
Was looking for one I didn’t have to convert first :wink: so bookmarked it,
Living in the Netherlands, so not used to cupes and ounces…

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