Whither "Modernist Cooking at Home"?

Good sous vide information at the site but it went quiet 2014-2016; no new activity in years. The site manager appears to have been using a pseudonym and a fake portrait.

Anyone know what happened to this Bethanie character?

Maybe Bethanie Butcher at Pinterest, has developed new interests and moved on.

modernistcookingathome.com is registered in Iceland with a privacy enhanced service.

Thanks for the mention of Modernist Cooking At Home.

Milady Wife has directed that I prepare a Birthday Dinner for my professional Chef SiL (Merriman’s Maui), and I have selected SV Meatloaf with Hazelnut Crust from ‘MCAH”

It cooks the meat as a roulade loaf, a technique that I have been wanting to try.

Further thanks. After my reading at MCAH I’m gonna get an iSi Gourmet whipper after I’m home from vacation.

I have worked at, practiced soufflé style pancakes for a couple of years, and iSi’s foamed buttermilk pancakes recipe may just be a good addition to my staple dishes.

Yeah, “Bethanie Butcher” was easy for me to find long ago. Still looks and sounds like an alias for someone who worked at Modernist Cuisine’s Seattle lab or similar shop.

Do you have the Modernist Cuisine At Home book? Excellent resource for advanced siphonics.

I thought I wanted a whipping siphon, too, but the most interesting recipes are complicated and advanced techniques require several hours. I quickly decided I have enough new toys for now.

No, I do not have the book.