My best yet, entirely SV dinner of three dishes for skeptical naïfs.

SV Medallions of pork tenderloin on a bed of baby spinach, with sautéed onions and mushrooms topped with shaved blue cheese.

SV brussels sprouts then broiled. SV butter poached variety fingerling potatoes.

This was my first attempt at coordinating three SV dishes at one meal. I cooked them in order of increasing temperature - 130ºF, 180ºF, 190ºF, Finishing, searing the medallions while the brussels sprouts were in the broiler and plating them. Then the brussels sprouts came out into a serving dish, and the potatoes went directly to a serving dish.

Also red and white wine, sparkling water, great tomatoes sliced and a diced avocado. Strawberries and ice cream for dessert.

My naïfs were complimentary and Milady Wife was pleased. I am very pleased.

My ordered cooking weights have not yet arrived, inspired by the difficulties that I have had with brussels sprouts previously and globe artichokes were worse. So I vacuum bagged an eight inch adjustable wrench for the bag of brussels sprouts - and it was not heavy enough. So I snipped the bag to vent the air, then folded and clamped the snipped corner, and it worked OK.

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Little did I know when I worked as a boiler mechanic in a pulp mill that one day I would be able to use my tools to cook sous vide. Now, if I only can convince my wife that it would be handy if I can move my tool chest to the kitchen. :wink:

Which mill. Fellow engineer friend is still practicing consultant paper mill engineer. “Headbox” is his call sign.

The Weyerhaeuser mill in Cosmopolis, Washington. Retired in 2003 after 37 years.

Pleased to meet you.

And I am pleased to meet you, Douglas. Thank you for your gracious welcome. It seems like I’ve joined the right group to learn from folks who know a lot more about sous vide than I do. Although my parents owned and operated a bar and grill (Oasis Fish and Chips) in Aberdeen, Washington, the most I learned about cooking, of any type, was washing the dishes…my homework, so to speak, when I would come from boarding school once a month.