Now I am rueing not purchasing weights; for SV Grilled Artichokes.

There is a lot of air in even a trimmed globe artichoke, and I have four halves.

I gave up and snipped a corner off their bag. Still I have a pair of tongs wedging them down.

180ºF for 2 hours, then grilled over high heat until golden brown.

I grew up in Santa Clara and Capitola, California near artichoke ‘country’.

How about placing a weight inside the bag with the artichokes, like a piece of cutlery? But you still may have a problem with the air inside, which prevents the hot water bath from contacting those surfaces.

I’ve been using a rare earth bar magnet on the inside and one on the outside of the container. Move the magnet on the outside and the bag contents move up.

I did vacuum seal the in-bag magnet completely to avoid anything on the magnet to transfer to the food.

My weights arrived yesterday.

There are so may of these products on the market. Which weights did you acquire and how are they working out for you?

Gevoli brand. I have not used them yet. Just now when considering dinner tonight Milady Wife reminded that we have Brussels’ sprouts and carrots and spinach, and that she will sauté the spinach. When we do the Brussels’ sprouts I’ll use a weight.

Dinner entrees tonight are panko SV chicken breast, rice, sautéed spinach, tomato and avocado ‘salad’. Aperitif pina colada scratch built in the antique five Hp VitaMix.

We are vacationing for two months in Floral City, Florida, nearing the end of our first month. Shopping locally I have noticed nothing apropos sous vide except bags at The Great WallMart of China. Monday we had an opportunity to shop at Williams Sonoma in Tampa with one ANOVA PC ‘hidden’ in a corner. I did notice competing brands of cookware but no other immersion cooker.

The Withlacoochee SP bike trail passes through Floral City, with 23 miles north and 23 miles south for us to ride. I have built up to 38 mile round trips at about 12 MPH. We are finally without guests, so hopefully I’ll build up to 46 miles quickly.

I just now plopped 16 oz Brussels Sprouts (trimmed halved) into the APC, bagged with a Gevoli brand weight 12 oz. I think and a tablespoon of bacon grease, a glug of avocado oil, one smashed garlic clove, 60 minutes @ 185ºF. I’ll finish with 5 minutes in the broiler for scorched flavor that I love.

We’ll see. At the moment it looks good.

The remaining parts of dinner are SV london broil cooked yesterday and returned to the fridge to be finished tonight. Conventional baked white potatoes.

Many years ago - 35 maybe - I was traveling (to Mare Island Naval Shipyard) for my work, to Walnut Creek, California where I shacked up. We found a IIRC Chevy’s Mexican that featured a scorched tomato salsa that I will never forget, never able to duplicate. Maybe it was the company.