Fav recipe book suggestions

Anyone have any good recommendations for sous-vide recipe books? This close to the holidays, I figure who would know better than the lot of you.

The best cook I have come across in my life is Heston Blumenthal at Home (it is not devoted to sous vide):

The best time and temperatures tables can be found in Modernist Cuisine:

Modernist Cuisine at Home has lots of sous vide recipes for “American Comfort Food”: (get the app)

Chefsteps has got lots of sous vide recipes and classes. A great resource:

Got another cook book here. All recipes are for nutritious foods. check this out: http://cheapneeds.com/

I really like Chef Steps, and Modernist Cuisine at home. I don’t have the money for the full Modernist Cuisine. :slight_smile:

Try “easy sous vide 4 simple steps to delicious meals” by Paradox Press. (33 pages)

Also “Cooking Sous Vide, Under Pressure” by Thomas Keller (272 pages)

http://blog.sousvidesupreme.com/category/featured-sous-vide-recipes/ - recipes
https://www.polyscienceculinary.com/blog/recipe-sous-vide/poached-eggs/index.html - poached egg recipes

@Dan‌ check out recipes.anovaculinary.com. Plenty of good ideas to get your started!

We’re also a huge fan of ChefSteps. Very simple and easy to follow.