What Are Your Recommendations for Sous Vide (Cook)Books?

I know this question floats around quite often on the interwebs, so I wanted to see if we can get a list going for your favorite or recommended sous vide-related books. Just comment below.

Note: Let’s keep websites out of it. Just books! :slight_smile:

Also here’s a few older threads in the past regarding books. I imagine there may be more books suggestions since 2016. :wink:

Best Cook Book?
Fav recipe book suggestions

And go!

The biggest issue is that good quality cook books are mega expensive, and the interweb is a library at your finger tips.

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The first book I read was “The food lab. Better home cooking through science” It got the basics pretty much covered and it was this book that prompted me to get an ANOVA. The other book was 'Sous Vide at home" from the creator of Nomiku which I got later.

Lots of information on the interwebs for low-low (or free). But since I see this question asked a lot, I wanted to stick with books. Maybe some folks might find it helpful.

I actually shelled out a large sum and bought Kenji’s book after hearing constant recommendations for it. I’ve read through it once and I’ll probably never refer to it again.

I guess I’m saying it is difficult to recommend books to people when you don’t know the level of their current understanding and experience.

A printed copy of Baldwin’s bible, Sous Vide for the Home Cook, would probably be a worthwhile investment.

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I’m full out a tech nerd even when it comes to the kitchen. I no longer have any physical cookbooks. They are all on my kitchen iPad. I have only been using the sous vide method of cooking for a few months. One of my favorites on the list below is Sous Vide at Home by Lisa Q Fetterman. I made Pork Chops with Summer Succotash (Page 284) when I was having guests over. It was absolutely fantastic. From Codlo by Grace Lee, I made Skirt Steak Fajitas. Everyone said it was the best they have every had.

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