Best Cook Book?

Just bought the wifi and need a basic cookbook to get started. Any suggestions?

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Here’s a good primer:

The phone app also has lots of recipes to get started with.
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“Modernist cuisine made easy - getting started” is a great first Sous Vide cook book.

The Internet and the recipes on this site are a good source.

If you do a search in the books section on Amazon, with “sous vide” (without quotes) you’re going to find a lot.   

I think the two that stand out are Thomas Keller’s Under Pressure:  Cooking Sous Vide and Grace Lee’s Codlo Sous-Vide Guide and Recipes.

I would not recommend Under Pressure for a first Sous Vide book. The recipes while fantastic are quite complicated and time consuming. I would go to your library and check it out before ordering.
Here is one I checked out of the library and found it very practical and it teaches as well. I got it on interlibrary loan where they do the work of finding it and having it sent to you at your local library,