Newbie - help??

My husband just gave me this for Christmas yesterday and I have never even heard of it. I love to cook and I love new appliances but HELP… what now. Can a Chef recommend a first timers recipe that will get me use to using this and maybe recommend some must have accessories. My husband got me I think its the Rubbermaid container to put the water in…what is the point of the Wi-Fi? sorry if my questions have been answered a million times I just need to learn. Thanks.

Last question first. The WiFi option allows you to be away from the kitchen and limited range of Bluetooth but still be able to control and monitor the cooker.

A good place to start is J. KENJI LÓPEZ-ALT J, Kenji Lopez-Alt’s “How to Get Started With Sous Vide Cooking” at

As to first time recipes, look at the recipes on the app. Eggs, chicken breasts and steaks are all popular first time recipes.

The community here has lots of information to help you along.


Welcome to the wonderful world of sous vide cooking. There is much to learn to get the best out of the new equipment.

First up: The Wifi is a handy feature that allows you to monitor your cook from a distance. You can even turn your APC on to heat the water bath before you leave work and have it ready to drop the food in for cooking as soon as you get in the door.

Now, to sous vide cooking. There are many recipes available in the Anova app or in the recipe section of this website. Skinless, boneless chicken breast is a great way to start, because everyone has had an experience with dry or stringy overcooked chicken breast somewhere. This link is not so much a recipe as a starting point for you to achieve moist and tender chicken breasts every single time.

When you have had a bit of a play with some of the Anova recipes and you wish to experiment further, I would highly recommend you read A Practical Guide to Sous Vide Cooking. It may seem like daunting reading to begin with, but there is a lot of important information there to help you get the best out of your new equipment and stay safe while experimenting.

Of course, the Community are always here to help. But beyond the Anova recipe site and blogs there are other sites full of reliable and useful information. Serious Eats and ChefSteps both have good information for those new to the sous vide experience.

It’s easy to get carried away with buying accessories and bits and pieces to go with new equipment and a new cooking style, but really you can do without most of it. As long as you have a good quality skillet or frying pan you’re right to go.

The very best piece of equipment for you to invest in before you start your learning journey is a journal. If you follow a recipe write down where you got it from so that you can follow it again. Give a critique of the finished product. What was the texture like? How would you improve it? If you’re experimenting on your own, note down the cut and quality of meat your have used, the time and temperature selected and once again make notes on the finished product. It’s the best tool you will have to help you get the amazing results that are possible with sous vide cooking.

And also bring along a sense of adventure and be prepared to learn. Sous vide can change your whole cooking experience, but it does take work.

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Hey Java, first, slow down.
Forget accessories and focus first on basics.

I’d ignore the wi-fi unless you are hopelessly afflicted with OCD.
As you will observe it’s a point of ongoing consternation in this community of users.You will do just fine with a set-and-forget approach to start.

You are embarking on a totally new culinary journey with your Anova and it means learning to think a new way about cooking.

Ember and Max’s recommended will be excellent primers for you. I’d avoid the eggs to start as they can be extra challenging. What you want to achieve is a few successes you can build on and gain confidence. Read through Kenji’s material. Once will not be enough.

The pick one of his recipes and precisely follow it.
Many users here find it useful to start a journal recording the details of every cook and its outcome, favourable or not. This will provide you with a self guided learning program that will enable you to achieve results that will amaze husband and you. Experimenting will come later.

Your greatest initial challenge will be to not apply all your conventional cooking thinking, knowledge and skills to this new cooking technique where most of them no longer apply. It won’t be easy and you need to work at it. Those that rush into SV cooking frequently find themselves quite unnecessarily befuddled. It doesn’t have to happen. You can read through the “First Cook Essential”, here to see what i mean.

I frequently find myself telling learners, - you need to go slow to go fast.

Do the work and you will excel.


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Thanks for all the wonderful help

You’re welcome Java.

What successes have you had?
We love details.

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