Totally overwhelmed. 😩. Why no detailed instructions with this tool?

I’ve had this set for a hour and noticed temp is going down not up. So played around and hit the arrow button in middle of the -+ and suddenly it seemed this started! So for a hour I never had this on? I’ve been googling like crazy and saw there should be a red start button I don’t have anything red or the word start anywhere! Now that I turned this on I THINK I TURNED IT ON there’s a blue line that’s blinking.

Please help me! My family will be having this first Sous Vide rib eye steaks at midnight well unless I give him and run out in snow to bbq!!
Thank you!!

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Patty, you might attract better support by revealing your Anova model. Most Anova’s come with a Quick Start Guide. Check the packaging.

Nothing? Then go to:

and watch the instructive video with Bill Clark.

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Here is a link to a digital copy of the Quick Start Guide which ships in the box with every Anova product.

There are further documents in the Support Area that will help get you started.

Sous vide cooking can deliver wonderful results, but you will need patience and a willingness to learn. Sous vide processing can’t be rushed. You might be better to relax and take your time and gain some basic understanding of the process without the pressure of a hangry family watching.

Feed the hungry horde using familiar methods tonight so that you can relax into the learning experience.

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Thanks Ember!
I did not get the instructions you’ve mentioned come on the packaging. I did say to my husband when I went to first open the box it appeared to be resealed like it was returned. So maybe that was the case and the person didn’t put the papers back in the box.
Thanks so much for the links! I’ve spent the evening reading. I know this will be a live n learn process.
The steaks turned out ok my son was the first to taste it and commented how tender it was but seemed to have no flavor. I did season before I put into the bags… but evidently not enough.

I do appreciate you taking the time to swoons to my SOS! :blush:
Thank you!!

Thank you so much for responding to my cry for help! I will definitely watch the video you’ve mentioned!
The more I use this I’ll get much more comfortable. I will look for the model number.
Thanks so much fir your support!

I don’t season my meat pre-sous vide. I season it well after it comes from the bag and has been patted dry. The salting assist the Maillard reaction when searing. A tiny amount of salt on serving adds brightness to the flavour.