Sous Vide Cooking Resources

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If you’re new to the sous vide game, or just need a one-stop shop of sous vide resources, this post will help!

Decided to throw some helpful sous vide links into the community.

If there’s something you’re looking for that’s not here, just comment below! Also, if there are additional resources that you think might be helpful to the community, please add 'em to the comments!

The Details On Sous Vide Cooking

What is sous vide?
Here’s everything you need to know about sous vide. The article includes what our cookers do, how sous vide is different from other cooking methods, and how to get set-up for your first sous vide cook!

How to get started with with sous vide cooking?
J. Kenji López-Alt goes through the essentials and need-to-knows. Some of these awesome bits of information include cooking accessories, recipes, and sous vide FAQs.

How to cook sous vide?
From preparation to cleaning up - we’ve got you covered!

Where To Get A Sous Vide Cooker

Where can I buy a sous vide cooker?
We sell them at our online store! You can also find out if we ship to where you’re located!

Where can I find the Anova Culinary app?
If you can’t find it at the app store on your phone, we can direct you there from our website!

The Nitty Gritty on Sous Vide Cooking

What’s the deal with time and temperature?
A little lost? Here’s a cook guide for meats, with the help from J. Kenji López-Alt!

How can I sous vide in jars?
Get your cake on - this post includes desserts, filling jars, and choosing the right recipe!

Can I get more info on silicone bags?
Heck yeah! Our site has info on how you can buy the bags, how to use ‘em, and some common FAQs!

Tell me more about these sous vide containers!
Here’s the types of vessels you can cook in, where to place them, and other tips + tricks.

What are the health benefits to sous vide cooking?
Oh, there’s a ton! If you wanna find out, you gotta read the article. We also have really delicious + healthy recipes from Jen Stone!

Sous Vide Cooking Hacks

How cool are the Franken coolers?
Oh, they’re pretty cool. Here’s a guide on how to make one for your beloved Anova. We even have a thread here in the community on this.

How can I keep those bags from floating?
Sometimes those bags want to swim on top, instead of at the bottom of your container. But, this can be fixed! We have a blog that get those bags chillin’ on the ground. The community has also pitched in with their own hacks in this thread.

Why use sous vide ping pong balls?
Lots of benefits to using ping pong balls - make sure to read all about it!

How to get the air out my bags if I don’t have a vacuum sealer?
There’s a few things you can do, like the water displacement method, also known as the water immersion technique. This The Food Lab by J. Kenji López-Alt also has a great video you can check out too.

Sous Vide Recipes You Must Try

The perfect rib-eye steak
The recipe is on in the app - but we also have it on our website too. Be sure to check out The Food Lab’s drool-worthy Guide to Sous Vide Steak!

Creamy egg bites!
Once you go egg bites, you’ll neverrr go back. Instead of picking up already-made egg bites, you can get creative in the kitchen with your cooker! Whatever you like - throw it in. From caramelized onions, to swirls of pesto. You can make these egg bites to drool for!

Corn on the cob
If you’ve never had corn, until you had it sous vide. This recipe is easy, only asks for 4 ingredients, and takes just 30 minutes to cook up! Butter it up, and you’re ready to eat!

Creme brulee
These will get your tastebuds buzzin’. Here’s another easy recipe you can check out too!

If you have more resources to add - throw them down below!

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My favourite for perfect chicken breast is this one:

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Thank you for sharing @Ember!!! :heart_eyes:

Don’t be ashamed to check out other precision cooker sites. Our favourite lamb chop recipe comes from ChefSteps

Any of Chef Nicole’s dessert recipes are a “must do”

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Thank you for sharing! Chef Nicole’s dessert recipes are so good!

Do some of our other sous vide cooks have resources to add to this? Taggin’ a few peeps: @acs @RichardOL @fischersd @colewagoner @asolimini


Batch cooking:

Yep, here’s a couple more:


And, because they also have a recipe for the rib rub, sauce and step-by-step guide for beginners, here’s:

And the guide on eggs (heh…though I still just do them in a pot on the stove myself) :wink:

Thanks for sharing!!! @fischersd