Thomas Keller’s *Under Pressure* autographed, gifted!!!!!

On our way home from Florida vacation we stopped for the weekend with my daughter and SiL. He was Sous Chef de Cuisine at Peter Merriman’s Maui when I met him. Almost ten years later the ‘Coof’ has driven him from cuisinere to real estate.

As soon as we walked in he asked me about my SV adventures. After a glass of wine or two he gave me his signed copy of Thomas Keller’s Under Pressre. I have been reading it as an e-book for a couple of months.

He told of visiting Bouchon, per se and The French Laundry as a recent graduate chef. At ‘per se’ reservations were $200 per capita and waay in advance, much too rich for students, but they walked-in the kitchen door and met Chef Lee that gave them a cook’s tour of the kitchen. “Portions of which are carpeted!”

So here I am working at Modernist Cooking At Home’s SV Meatloaf with Hazelnut Crust in not-my kitchen, an additional challenge. SiL Chef Ricky demonstrated rolling the roulade meadloaf and it went into the cooker about an hour ago.

Then he brings out The PHOTOGRAPHY of Modernist Cuisine

We got to discussing spherification apropos their dinner at Maple & Ash with a caviar appetizer. So he gave me his Molecular Grastronomy tools kit. I’ll probably wait until winter to try those recipes.