Coleman 24-Can Party Stacker 6" too shallow for Anova wand?

I’m a new SV user and started out with a Cambro 12qt container. It’s a bit too compact for more than one big roast, chuck. I’m thinking of buying a Cambro 20x12x8 which is 8in in depth or the Coleman Party Stacker 24 can cooler. My issue is if its safe to have the anova precision cooker sit about .5 inch above the bottom of the cooler. This is based off other customer images I’ve reviewed on amazon, reddit, and other forums.

Hi Boo, your safety depends on the steps you take to gently secure your circulator to the vessel.

There is no need to have the circulator touching the bottom of the container. This cook gets excellent results using a tall 30qt stock pot.

The circulator does not touch the bottom of the cooler but sits about half a inch above it. My concern is if it’s going to be an issue with the sous vide wand.

As long as the immersion circulator is secured to the container you’re using, there’s no reason it needs to be physically touching the bottom of the container.

I’ve got the WiFi version of the APC and the official Anova tub and it sits about a 1/4" off the bottom of the tub. I also have a Frankencooler (24 can Coleman Party Stacker) and I use the same lid on a 48 can Party Stacker. Never had any problems with circulation as the output is on the edge of the bottom plate of the circulator. I do use a small rack to keep the food off the bottom of the container, to ensure full circulation. So long as your water levels are within the boundaries marked on the circulator you should be good to go

Boo, to ease your concern about effective water circulation turn your circulator on and let a few drops of liquid food colouring fall into the container. Watch how quickly the water becomes uniform in colour.

Boo: you said that you (or rather that the Amazon customers and reddit posters) believe that this 1/2 inch gap was not safe or that there will be an “issue”. The previous posters have foolishly tried to guess what those concerns might be.

It’s up to you to provide information detailing exactly what you feel is unsafe or an issue with having the wand 1/2” above the bottom of the pot.

For that matter how about reading the instructions that came with the unit to see what Anova recommends as to the positioning of the unit within the vessel?

Also, follow what chatnoir suggested.

My concern. Is if it will damage the sous vide bottom of wand if it’s too close to the bottom?

Boo, not at all. Some circulators are made to sit on the bottom of the vessel when in use.

Just be certain there’s ample water circulation throughout to achieve even water temperature.

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I have a 25 qt rectangular Cambro container… it’s about 7 1/2" deep… the anova is no where near the bottom of the container…The biggest issue is to not overtighten the clamp to the container, as it will crack. It doesn’t have to be that tight, it’s not going to fly out of the container! I know this picture doesn’t really show how close it is to the bottom, trust me. I made cheesecake a few weeks back in little mason jars & I had to put a rack under them to raise them off the bottom as the water level would have been too low & the SV wouldn’t have come on!

I use that Coleman cooler all of the time in the summer. It is how I do my ribs (as in the Wicked Good ribs you tube video) and any other large amounts. I use the clip and sit it in there. I cut my hole in the corner of the cooler but that is just a preference by user. hope that helps answer your question

I have searched for this exact letter string “Wicked Good ribs” and I do not have a precise match, although there are many videos that are very similar.
Would you be kind enough to give the exact title as personal recommendations are always most welcome.

Sorry, it was “wicked easy” here is the link Sous Vide BBQ Ribs - YouTube

Video by Dr. Professor Chef Colin Roche

Thanks for the link, it shows flexibility in preparing, cooking and finishing the ribs.
I see in the video exactly how to remove the membrane, which is very useful.
I follow fischersd advice on cooking sous vide which is at 145F for 36 hours.
I can’t wait till Ribs are on the Menu again!

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