24 Can Coleman Doesn't Seem Right

I read about the 24 Can Coleman cooler being perfect for my Anova cooker. I cut the hole and the Anoka hits the bottom of the cooler instead of hanging on the lid like I thought it would. It seems like the cooler is about an inch and a half too shallow. Am I missing something or doing something wrong?

Thanks for your help, Dave

It doesn’t matter if the cooker rests on the bottom.

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Just take the holder that goes on a pot (that comes with the Anova) and use it upside down to make a collar you can adjust as needed.

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The Coleman 24 Can Party Tracker Cooler is the perfect cooking vessel, for me. I have been using this cooler for a while, many cooks an resting on the bottom has never been a problem. I have other coolers. The Coleman 48 Can Party Tracker Cooler uses the same lid. Just drill your hole in one top and keep the other one without a hole and you have the best of both worlds. I also have a round 5 gallon cooler. The problem with coolers that are too deep, is that you have to fill the water level nearly to the top of the cooler to get the immersion cooker deep enough in the water to work. Remember there is a minimum water level.

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Totally agree w southern dad. this is numero uno accessory. 48 can cooler is deeper so if your doing spare ribs youre in business. no problem w bottoming out on the 12. Its only a plastic cover hitting the bottom so no 3-mile island probs. Now get Ikea 701.548.00X2 Variera Pot Lid Organizer, Stainless Steel, Set of 2 and start cooking!

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I agree that this cooler is ideal. I’ve been using mine for about a year and having the Anova sit on the bottom is absolutely no problem. I use mine for long cooks and there is little heat loss and no evaporation loss. I lay a couple of towels on the lid to reduce the heat loss even more.

I agree. For me the Coleman 24 can has been ideal!
And for those who can’t bring themselves to cut a hole in the lid of their brand new cooler I again have to recommend using a piece of bubble insulation such and “Reflectix” or “Infrastop” as a cut to fit cover while cooking. It seems to be working perfectly for me, eliminating water loss and keeping heat loss way down. Mine is cut a little large so that it will also work on a larger cooler that I already had - for those “extra big” cooks! I’d also like to add that with this cover I have no steam whatsoever reaching my APC cooker even at very hot cooks like Creme Brulee.

Here’s what mine looks like while in use - with the messy kitchen table top cropped off at my wife’s insistence! :slight_smile:

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that’s pretty slick but u cant sit on it while having a cold one…LOL

Sure ya can! (If ya don’t mind a hot soggy tushy! ) :slight_smile:

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The 24 Can or 48 Can Coleman Coolers have another purpose besides long cooks. They are also excellent for using with a delayed cook. I have become a master of the Ice Bath Notification cooking style. Since I leave for work each morning and then have a long workday before coming home, I like a good hot meal when I get there. I can use my Wyzer Pro container on the counter top with ice and water but if it is warm in the house, that ice may melt enough for the bath to reach the 40º F where I get the unsafe notification from my Anova.

Using a cooler eliminates this risk as the ice bath will stay cold for far longer than I am going to be gone.

I opted for the 48 can cooler. It works fine for a big batch sous vide cook, and allows me to use my 12 quart cambro inside it when I am doing a long cook for a smaller item or two. I have done a 48 hour cook with no issues, and no need to replenish water in the cambro. A certain amount of steam condenses within the cooler, but not a significant amount that would require a water top up. I think the 48 can cooler works great

Keep in mind that if you purchase the 24-Can Coleman Party Stacker the top from the 48-Can will fit it. That way you only need to drill a hole in one lid. You can still use either of them as a cooler and either of them as a cooking vessel.

I have a birthday coming and I am under the distinct impression from my wife that I have a 48 can Stacker on the way. I do like the idea that I will have a smaller size and larger size for both cooker and cooler being that the lids interchange and I have a hole in just one. Darn good thinking. Thanks. (I hope you don’t mind that I told my wife it was my idea though).

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I took a 24 can Coleman Party Stacker, added the 2-3/8 hole at one end and cut the lid approximately 1/4 from the hole edge on a table saw. I installed two stainless steel (SS) hinges using SS bolts. I had to cut the very edge of the lid so that it would fold on itself. Now I can lift the lid up to add or check the cooking process without removing the ANOVA… I even added small tea cup hooks on the lid so when I open the lid, the food bags come out of the water. I use paper bull clips to grab food bags. To add weight on food bags that float, I added fishing weights to paper bull clips and clip them on the bag. Seems to work great. The only issue that I do get is if the bags are too long they hit the bottom of the cooler pushing upwards and the bags come off the tea cup hooks. I’m working to fix that issue as we speak.

@Dale_Sigman I really like the idea of installing those teacup hooks in the lid! I’ve been very happy with my “bubble insulation” bath cover, but those hooks would be very handy!

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100% agree with you that those would have been super handy! that would be an amazingly good idea to my opinion!

I stopped by a yard sale, yesterday. They had these two coolers for $3 each or $5 for both. I couldn’t get a fiver out of my pocket fast enough. This gives me two 24-can and two 48-can. Three lids without holes, and one lid with hole.



very brave buddy. I’m scared to death of yard sales. My yard sale would be defined that its out with the trash pile at the end of the road. u want it…take it.

I have a dishwasher, the coolers went through it. Everything is fine with them. Think about it, do we really know where anything that we buy has been or what it has been used for previously? When you buy a brand new Yeti at your favorite sporting goods store, could they have used it as a mop bucket before you bought it? Could it have been stored in a warehouse for a few months?

Besides when I buy new Coleman Stackers, they are used the minute I take them out of the store. This is the cooking vessel for me. I still seal every cook in a FoodSaver bag.