Contiuous heating

Hi I have a Anova Precision Cooker 4.0 - WiFi and I am trying to find out how long I can use it continuously with out a rest. I have a beef brisket that needs 48hours?

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That’s a pretty standard cook time for a brisket, I wouldn’t be concerned as long as you keep the water level up. I’ve heard of people using it up to a week which sounds excessive but their Unit did just fine.

The suggestion from Anova is no longer than 99 hours. But I’m sure the unit wouldn’t melt instantaneously as the clock hit 100 hours.

Wifi connection is most likely to go before :ghost:

I have done several 72 hour cooks without issue.

I’ve done 4 days (96 hours) and no issues. Important to keep in mind that you need good ventilation (the head of the APC is prone to overheating if it’s subjected to steam) as well as evaporation if you don’t have a covered vessel. A good, sealed vessel can make such long cooks virtually free of having to check your water level.