Cook Frozen Salmon

I want to cook Salmon (medium), i have 2 frozen pieces:

-> 0.40 lb - 0.78 in
-> 0.52 lb - 1.1 in

I need to put one first and X minutos after the other?
I need to change de temp or the time because of the initial temperature(frozen)?


Hey! I would add about 30 minutes to your cook time due to frozen. 60 minutes at whichever temp you prefer (around 130 for medium). Don’t worry about the time difference, that’s the beauty of sous vide. When the thinner one is done, it will simply hold at that temperature until the slightly thicker one is done! Seafood can be a little tricker with time, but I don’t think you have to worry here. Good luck! Post the results!

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Hi! Colewagoner is definitely on the right track! Straight from the freezer into a 130 F bath to achieve that medium-cooked texture, it will take about 20 minutes to thaw before it officially starts cooking. From there, pieces from .5 - 1" thick will have a cook time of minimum 20 minutes, maximum 30. Pieces 1 - 2" thick will have a minimum cook time of 30, maximum 40. From experience, I’ll say that a few extra minutes will not drastically affect the quality of the fish!

I would set my timer for 50 minutes and put both pieces in at the same time. And YES! Please do post the results! :slight_smile: