Cooked a bunch of food in my "happy place"

Hey everyone.

I spent a long bit of my Sunday in my “happy place,” which is where I can cook and listen to salsa music on full blast. Just cooked up some Latin food, as per usual. I decided to try out the sous vide garlic and rosemary mashed potato recipe in the app/site, since I have a huge bag of potatoes that I needed to use already.

I didn’t use rosemary, but everything else was the same. I stuffed the empanadas with the potatoes and fried mushrooms. On the side I had fried plantains (tostones), white rice, and black beans.

By the way, sous vide mashed potatoes were out of this world! It came out SO creamy and soft. Definitely will cook these again. I will try them out next time with vegan ingredients to see how they hold up.

###How did everyone else spend Mother’s Day?


Love seeing some sous vide vegetarian creations. There seem to be a growing number of vegetarian recipes out there…

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