Cooking in a store bought vacuum package

Hello all,

Just got the APC as a gift and picked up a pre-marinated pork tenderloin at the store that’s already in a vacuum sealed package. Is it possible/advisable to cook the tenderloin in the same package that it came with or should it be transferred into another before cooking?

Thanks for the help!

I also just received my APC as a gift but from what i’ve been reading here it is not recommended.
1, You don’t know how the package is sealed. Is it glued or heat sealed?
2, Are there any moisture absorbing pads in the package?
3, Are there any glued on store labels on the package that might melt in the hot bath and gum up your Anova?

The bag it is sealed in is probably food safe but the best bet is to put it in another bag to cook.

It’s a common question and the easiest and safest answer is ‘no.’

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Here’s the key, it needs to be vacuum sealed and you are sure that it is sealed. Nothing leaking out? Nice thick packaging? I will toss it in. I often cook bacon in the package as well as pork loins. Meat from the butcher counter? Nope, not going to work. Keep in mind, if it leaks, you just ruined your dinner.

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Thank you everyone for the help!