cooking multiple items in one shot

I’m cooking 7 2lb steaks at one time,any suggestions?

Make sure when you package them that there is no overlap that increases the thickness and secondly make sure your cooking vessel is large enough to allow good circulation of the water. An ice chest may work well. Also, I would use hot tap water to reduce your warmup time in something this big.


Thank you I’m a new comer and just getting the hang of using this method of cooking. These are 11/2 lbs bone in ribeye I was going to cook it at 129 for 1 hour Anyone have any thoughts on this? Seeing there are 6 should ! leave them in longer?

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The weight doesn’t matter, the thickness determines the length of time you need to cook them.

129 will get you medium-rare.

1 hour likely isn’t long enough (unless they’re thin steaks).

Sansaire has a good thickness guide here:

Also, how much you’re cooking in your bath, shouldn’t affect your cooking time. As you’re adding several pounds, I’d have the bath up to temperature before adding the meat. :slight_smile:

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You don’t mention what kind of steak. If you had 1" filet mignon I’d do an hour but longer if thicker. If I was doing strip loin or rib-eye I’d do more like 3 or 4 hours because they are tougher cuts.

+1 on the other comments re circulation room and getting the bath up to temp before dumping in 7lbs of meat. Maybe even heat it to 2 or 3 degrees over target then adjust the target down after putting the meat In.

Thank you for the information, they are bone in ribeye. Setting it a little higher till it comes up to is a great idea

Thanks they are 11/2 I’ll cook them according to the table

Instead of increasing temperature, increase the time in the cooker. If you read the “The Food Lab’s Complete Guide to Sous Vide Steak” at, you can go up to 4 hours on most steak cuts before texture starts to change.

Lately I’ve been adding about 50% to the suggested times for most steak and pork cuts.