Cooking multiple pouches of buffalo ribeyes meat

Twenty 8oz rib eyes have to be brought to med-rare (130°F) before finishing on grill. How many separate pouches (one steak per pouch) can I/should should I have in my cooker at any given time, and how do I adjust cooking time to accommodate multiple bags? I have the Anovo 1000w with 16L tub.

I have only done this once. What I did was load 3 steaks per bag in one thin layer. I then cooked 4 bags at once. You can do as many bags as will fit in the tub and allow for free circulation of the water around all of them. No need to adjust time as all bags are cooking at the same rate if you have good circulation.

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Cool! Thanks!

I agree with with just a little more information. If you put 3 in a bag, then you will have to adjust the cook time to make it more like cooking a roast than a steak. For speed I would cook them in individual bags. Then you can still put all of them in the water separated to allow full circulation between the bags.

If they are not stacked but flat like I said there is no need to adjust time. If you make them on top of each other you are right.

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Yeah, if they’re flat and not stacked it’d be exactly the same as individual steaks. 3 at a time lengthways (as long as your container can fit it) and stack them on their sides | | | | | in the container. I usually toss a pair of metal tongs or a quarter sheet tray wire rack in between the bags to maintain some separation.

And I would echo John’s answer. As long as the water is moving around the food, you’re good. For large catering parties we had one of the huge Coleman coolers with an immersion circulator on each end and could run a TON of food through that when we needed to - like 50 beef tenderloins or pork loins, steaks, etc. We would SV a lot of our veggies beforehand too, makes cooking on-site a breeze. Good luck!

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Cool beans! Thanks to everyone for the help!